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oscarcov Nonfiction Monday: Oscar and the Bird by Geoff Waring

Reem’s comment:I like this book because it teaches a scientific concept in a fun way. I heard about this book from a child when I was studying at the library. I asked her to help me find some books for my younger brother. She was about 5 years old. She showed me some books and this one she really liked. She was so excited about the book that I wanted to borrow it (and perhaps buy it for my brother).
Reem’s comment : When we are young we always draw a picture of the sun. Of course, we don’t know what the sun is, how it works, or how it helps us. I like “Who likes the sun” because on each page the author helped us understand how the sun warms us, makes rain, grow plants, and other information far beyond the yellow circle on paper. In summary I would recommend this book for children 4 to 6, and because it is a learning book, I think parents should read the book with their children.


Reem’s Comment:This is a non-fiction book about snow. It helps children learn where snow comes from, its shape, and many other facts. I learned a lot about snow. (Being from Saudi Arabia, there is no snow.) The book is designed, with flaps on each page, to engage the student in each of the facts. It is a wonderful book in both subject matter nad method. This helps learning to know more informaiton about the snow even for children who were brought up with snow
.Front Cover
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