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Author: Keith Graves

 Reem’s comment:This story was fun. I liked it because the way they showed the words and how they can describe the story was interesting. The story was easy for young children and fun for me to read as well. The book will make children laugh while they are learning the adjectives. I think the story would be even better when it is read out loud. This method, fun while learning, is the best way for young children to learn new things.

Author: Mary Whitcomb 

Reem’s Comment:This story is about a child who is new in a school. She comes from a small village. The other students see her as strange because she doesn’t have the things they have (a new dress). When she talks these students think she is silly. When this student brings different gifts to the teacher, the students thinks she should know better. By the end of the book the students reaize that just because someone acts differently, that person can become a friend. Children learn that other people’s behavior and knowleddge makes them special. The students then understand that it is okay for a person to behave differently.

Author: Lu Ruth Ohi

Reem’s Comment:This is a very special story. It shows that the father can do everything; clean, do the laundry, look after the children – all activities that, in the past, only “mothers” did. Even though this is a childhood story, parents can discuss the story with their children. At first I thought their mother was dead or the father and mother were divorced. However, she entered the story later and this surprised me. It was like she was a “shooting star” arriving suddenly. This book is not just fun for children, it also shows parents that it is better not to choose sides; one children being right and the other being wrong. Rather they should let the children talk the problem out by themselves.

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 Author: Etta Kaner 

Reem’s Comment:This is a non-fiction book about snow. It helps children learn where snow comes from, its shape, and many other facts. I learned a lot about snow. (Being from Saudi Arabia, there is no snow.) The book is designed, with flaps on each page, to engage the student in each of the facts. It is a wonderful book in both subject matter nad method. This helps learning to know more informaiton about the snow even for children who were brought up with snow

wonderful help from the Halifax Public Library librarians

The website: http://www.tumblebooks.com/library/asp/home_tumblebooks.asp

is tremendous in finding ideas to help children read and learn online 







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