From the book “No David”

Reem’s Comment:

This helps children to use their imagination and show what they learned from the book in their pictures.

It is a very simple exercise, requiring only paper and pencils/crayons. The finished pictures can be put on the wall. 

It does require parents and teachers to support the children when they do this. This exercise helps the child develop the self confidence to express their personality.


I found a guided drawing lesson on Heidi Songs Blog to go with the book, No David.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed doing this activity with the students.  We did the guided drawing before I even told the students what book I was going to read.  When we were finished with the drawing, I asked the students if they could tell by there drawing which story book character we were going to read about.  Yep – they guess it!  See some of the picture drawings to see why…

At the beginning of the school year, I would like to read the book, David Goes To School.

When we are finished with the story, I will have each student make their own page to complete a classroom-made book about school/classroom rules.  Kind of like a book OF WHAT NOT TO DO & WHAT TO DO!  For example…Paige, Raise your hand!  No chewing gum in class, Myles.  etc.  What do you think???


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