Folk Stories

Folk Stories

In my class last week, we discussed Folk and Imaginary stories.

When I read these stories I feel I am living in the story. These simple stories remind me of warm times with my grandmother when she would tell stories to me and my cousins, sisters, and brothers. She told very simple stories in a very engaging way. We never got bored. (Unlike the boring way school teachers often read to us.)

I learned that the way a story is told (from a book or from a person’s memory) is more important than the story itself.

When I was a teacher, I wanted to know how the children (of today) related to older people. With the permission and support of my school manager, I sent a note home with the students to invite their grandmothers to visit our class to tell some traditions stories to the children. This was a good project. I recommend this as a way for children to learn from the experiences of older members of society.

I liked these stories because they are:

Easy to understand


Affect emotions

Includes good advice

The stories often have a moral.

Now-a-days the traditional folk story is often used as the basis of “post-modern” stories for children

The stories in the Qu’ran are a good example of ways to present ideas and lessons to Muslim children.


Link to site with Muslim children stories in English

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